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We're all doing our part to get through this pandemic. Some of us are staying home to keep from getting others infected or to protect ourselves and some of us are taking a risk by going to work every day so we can help those in need. Here at Geek Monkey, we understand your concerns. We are catering to any and all needs during this crisis.

If you call us for help, we wear masks and gloves and sterilize all our equipment before we ever enter your home. We ask that you sterilize the area in which our technicians will be working to keep them safe too. And if that isn't enough, we will let you leave your computers or devices outside and we will come pick them up for you, fix them, and bring them back to your doorstep sterilized so you can have peace of mind.

We're here for you day or night. We never close because we know a crisis can happen at any time ... and with everything going on right now, we all need someone we can depend on. And you can depend on us!

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